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Store Dot- Maybe Powering The Tesla

Store Dot

Store Dot a new breakthrough technology that charges your cell phone battery in 1 minute. This new battery technology can be used in all types of devices, ranging from mobile phones, wearable watch, laptops, cameras and much more.

Store Dot uses technology cross-over between a supercapicitor that charges extremely quickly and the normal Li-Ion battery that holds alot of charge, Store Dot call this their Flash Battery.

In a time where time is of the essence, we strive to find the perfect solution for our day to day devices, on one side we want batteries that hold alot of charge and on the other hand we want it to be superquick, the demand is there can Store Dot deliver and cater for the masses.

The standard Li-Ion batteries degrade after many uses whilst Store Dot battery retains the same performance for 3years. The comparison is a whopping 2,500 cycles more.

Store Dot claim their Flash battery is 100 times faster than standard Li-Ion batteries, with low internal resistance (ESR) and enhanced energy density.

Store Dot is also developing a battery for cars which could charge in 5 minutes and would give you range of 300miles (480km).

What does this mean for us?

No more long waits for charging cars such as the Nissan Leaf, Renault Zoe or even the Tesla Models. We have long awaited a battery technology like this and hope that Store Dot can deliver this to us.

We hope to see this technology some where in the year 2017, who knows they might end up powering the Tesla Vehicles.

New Update on Tesla Model 3

Latest News On The Tesla Model 3

The Tesla model 3 is a high performance family saloon. With the highest safety ratings in each category, safety being the main factor in these vehicles. Elon Musk says “it has a 5 star safety in every corner of the car.” This is very important specially for an Auto Pilot vehicle. Comfort comes from two points made by Elon Musk. Firstly the front seats are pushed forward creating more space at the back, this can be done as their is no engine in front. Secondly making the roof a continuous pane of glass from back to front as one piece. The model 3 has exhilarating torque, that can go as fast as 0 to 60mph under SIX SECONDS from standstill, pretty good for a family saloon.


The Model 3 reaches a respectable 215 miles of range per charge, and comes with supercharging as standard. Currently waiting for charging is not too bad, to give comfort to the thoughts of not being able to charge in a busy service station, Tesla intend to double the amount chargers by the end of 2017 and go on to add more.


The Model 3 will be marketed for $35000 US Dollars. This maybe different in your local region, as it may vary based on grants and benefits you may receive through your government. An estimated guess for how much the Model 3 may cost in the UK is about £30000, not forgetting the grant of a rumoured £2018. Compared to the original £5000 provided for the Tesla Model S, so the original figure may go down to an approximate £28000. Now we must not forget Elon Musk mentioning the Auto Pilot and Supercharging will come as standard. Not to say you cant add any more perks to the Model 3.

You can reserve the Tesla Model 3 through their website for $/£1000. You can check the progress of your Model 3 in your accounts dashboard.

Options and Extras

Based on the current Tesla Model S, one can only assume you would be able to add the same optional extras as you would in the Model S. This may include interior design or exterior styling. Not to mention the battery can maybe also be upgraded to a 75kw, 90kw or 100kw from the standard 60kw battery. That’s if you have the disposable income to play around with. Also adding to the package the Two Wheel Drive set-up or All Wheel Drive set-up. I can assure you this much, once you have finished adding extras to the Tesla Model 3, you maybe looking at 50k plus.

Will the new tesla model 3 be out on time?

On orders over 100,000 Model 3’s being placed on the day of the launch, it shows there is serious interest. The original number compared to now is a staggering 400,000. That’s a serious amount of cars to be delivered by 2018. The original date set to deliver all those cars were early 2017 in the US, other regions to follow subsequently, now it seems the date has changed to somewhat end of 2017. There are many reports also to say it could be early 2018. Here in the UK the original set date was to be early 2018, hence the grant being £2018. At this rate it could be late 2018 before we see it on our roads.

Tesla Model 3 Confirmed

Tesla Model 3 Confirmed

Tesla Model 3 Confirmed  and Tesla Unveils Plans about their Model 3, You can watch the event on, this will be a live streaming of the exciting plans ahead, the event starts at 8.30pm PDT on March 31st, Join in for an exhilarating revolutionary experience, it is believed that Tesla can’t wait to show us what they have been working on.

To add to the fun, you can also start reserving your Tesla model 3 on March 31st worldwide, there is two ways you can make your reservation, firstly Tesla recommend for you to visit your local store on March 31st if you want a better spot in the queue, the second way is to make reservation online at when the event starts in March 31st at 8.30pm PDT.

Tesla say in order to have a fair system on who can buy a Tesla Model 3, there will be a different queue for reservations in each region, and as a thankyou from Tesla they say existing customers will get priority in each region, and to top it all up!! one reservation for each Tesla they own, for people that don’t own a Tesla already the fastest way to have access to a Model 3 is to buy a Model S or Model X. (Hmmm I don’t think a lot people can afford the Model S or the Model X).

If you’re wondering when you will get your Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model 3 is confirmed and say the production of Tesla Model 3 is scheduled to begin late 2017, another thing to keep in mind is when the production begins, Tesla Model 3 deliveries will start in North America on the West Coast moving up into the East, Tesla say as they ramp up on the productions, they will then begin deliveries in Europe first then to Asia Pacific and right hand drive markets. (So people in UK may even have to wait until 2018, that should be interesting to see).

So very Exciting news from Tesla, after driving the Tesla Model S I think I am definitely looking into securing my place for a Tesla Model 3, watch this space for an update on what went on in the event, maybe they will give us a hint on the Tesla Model Y launch year.

Tesla Model 3 Confirmed

Nokia C1 Rumour To Make A Come Back With Android Platform

Nokia C1 Rumoured To Be Out Next Year On Android Platform 6.0

So for a while now there has been rumours and speculations, that Nokia will be making a come back. What do we know about this? Lets first take a look at the first Nokia Phone, which was in the mid 80’s. This was the Mobira City-Man 900nmt, not sure how many of you will remember that phone. Later on they went on to developing the Nokia 1100, 3200, 3310 and so on. These devices were based on the Nokia Symbian OS.

Later on the years Nokia signed up with windows platform, to have their operating system on Nokia devices. It wasn’t very long before we learnt that Nokia wasn’t going to last very long on this platform. Not exactly the best way to go down after many years of producing outstanding robust devices.

Coming to the main headline, rumour has it that Nokia is releasing a new device called the C1. They plan on running on Android Platform 6.0. I am sure there are many Nokia fans out there cheering for this move made by Nokia.

Latest Rumoured Specs and Images below:

Micro Sim Slot – Yes.
Screen and Display: 5.5 inch IPS 16million true colours.
Resolution: 1080 x 1920 pixels with a 401 pixel density.

Platform: Android 6.0 Marshmallow.
Processor/Chipset: Qualcomm MSM8976 Snapdragon 652/ Octacore.

Memory: Internally it will have 32GB storage memory, might also get 64GB alongside with expandable memory.

Camera: Rear facing camera maybe a 13 or 16 megapixel ISC.
Front facing camera is rumoured to be a 5 megapixel or 8 megapixel face detecting camera.
We all know Nokia can come with top cameras like their Nokia 808 pure view 41 megapixel Zeiss lens.

Wi-Fi Enabled – Yes
Bluetooth Enabled – Yes
A-GPS and Sensors Enabled – Yes
Micro USB: 2.0/3.0 to be confirmed.

It will have all smartphone feature’s like email, social media, recorder, music player etc..

Battery will most likely be built in, a big jump from the normal removable battery, battery capacity 3100mAH.

Release Date is yet to be confirmed with rumours around March 2017.

And finally the Price, it may retail around £300 to £400 GBP although many countries are saying less. Lets not forget a phone with that much calibre, hardly goes below the 200 mark, specially as its a NOKIA.