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Latest News On The Tesla Model 3

The Tesla model 3 is a high performance family saloon. With the highest safety ratings in each category, safety being the main factor in these vehicles. Elon Musk says “it has a 5 star safety in every corner of the car.” This is very important specially for an Auto Pilot vehicle. Comfort comes from two points made by Elon Musk. Firstly the front seats are pushed forward creating more space at the back, this can be done as their is no engine in front. Secondly making the roof a continuous pane of glass from back to front as one piece. The model 3 has exhilarating torque, that can go as fast as 0 to 60mph under SIX SECONDS from standstill, pretty good for a family saloon.


The Model 3 reaches a respectable 215 miles of range per charge, and comes with supercharging as standard. Currently waiting for charging is not too bad, to give comfort to the thoughts of not being able to charge in a busy service station, Tesla intend to double the amount chargers by the end of 2017 and go on to add more.


The Model 3 will be marketed for $35000 US Dollars. This maybe different in your local region, as it may vary based on grants and benefits you may receive through your government. An estimated guess for how much the Model 3 may cost in the UK is about £30000, not forgetting the grant of a rumoured £2018. Compared to the original £5000 provided for the Tesla Model S, so the original figure may go down to an approximate £28000. Now we must not forget Elon Musk mentioning the Auto Pilot and Supercharging will come as standard. Not to say you cant add any more perks to the Model 3.

You can reserve the Tesla Model 3 through their website for $/£1000. You can check the progress of your Model 3 in your accounts dashboard.

Options and Extras

Based on the current Tesla Model S, one can only assume you would be able to add the same optional extras as you would in the Model S. This may include interior design or exterior styling. Not to mention the battery can maybe also be upgraded to a 75kw, 90kw or 100kw from the standard 60kw battery. That’s if you have the disposable income to play around with. Also adding to the package the Two Wheel Drive set-up or All Wheel Drive set-up. I can assure you this much, once you have finished adding extras to the Tesla Model 3, you maybe looking at 50k plus.

Will the new tesla model 3 be out on time?

On orders over 100,000 Model 3’s being placed on the day of the launch, it shows there is serious interest. The original number compared to now is a staggering 400,000. That’s a serious amount of cars to be delivered by 2018. The original date set to deliver all those cars were early 2017 in the US, other regions to follow subsequently, now it seems the date has changed to somewhat end of 2017. There are many reports also to say it could be early 2018. Here in the UK the original set date was to be early 2018, hence the grant being £2018. At this rate it could be late 2018 before we see it on our roads.

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