Tesla Model S Facelift

Tesla Model S Facelift Finally Here, Release Date and Specs…

Since 2012 Tesla Model S has always looked the same externally, now finally we have the Facelift Model S, I would much prefer this over the older Model S, Tesla got rid of the front plastic fascia that was black, the latest face being coloured with the body, and have a slight indent curve around the front, it looks very sleek and classy, Tesla have made many improvements over the years with the software inside, and are constantly improving the software, Tesla pulls millions of Data from their cars, this helps them analyse and improve driving experience, also adding to the Tesla Model S Facelift it has the medical grade HEPA Filter that helps stops bacteria pollen and pollution from entering the cabin, also pushing out the air from the inside pumping fresh air. The Model S Facelift is expected to be launched late 2016 may be going onto very early 2017 as orders are coming in thick and fast.

Specs on the car have been upgraded from the on board 40 amp charger to a 48 amp charger enabling the car to charge a lot quicker once connected to a high power outlet. Internally there’s a new centre console for storage.

Prices are set to be around $75000 in US and around the £55000 to £60000 UK, it will interesting to see what the general public opt in for as the Tesla Model 3 is set around the $35000 US and about £28000 to £30000 mark before incentives.

The future is certainly looking bright with these electric vehicles paving the way for other manufacturers to follow in their footsteps, it will be interesting to see what the big boys such as BMW, Mercedes and Audi have to offer, we also know that Toyota have something coming out along the same lines….

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