Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S the first of its kind, no match for its calibre, a league of its own, and its electric, don’t drop your jaws just yet, the Tesla Model S is a dream car in reality, with a staggering speed that takes you 0-62mph in 2.8seconds on the P90D Ludicrous Mode.

From the outside the car looks stunning, with its exterior design looking like an Aston Martin or Maserati not to be mistaken this car has no engine, running on Lithion Ion battery it is fully electric. The Model S comes in three battery packs the 70, 85 and awaiting a 90, you can add two extra packages which takes it from a two wheel drive to four wheel all drive, and a performance pack which is unbelievably electrifying. The miles range from 230 to 330 depending on how you drive and what the external temperatures are, as it has direct affect on the battery.

The Model S retails around the 85k US mark and 55k in UK, that’s before incentives you can soon rack the bills fast, depending on the state you are in, the government provide you with a grant in the US, also in the UK you get a £5000 grant for going green.

Internally the car boasts of a 17″ Screen, it has spotify, navigation, a calendar, web browser, rear facing super quality camera, and much much more. Seating is comfortable to a certain degree, as its a low car, it gives you a sporty feel with firm suspension unless you go for Air Suspension, the car is actually a 7 seater which shocks a lot of people, you can add two rear facing seats for your children, the seats do not come as standard but a great add on as it is easily removable.

My favourite has to be the Autopilot feature of the Model S, at first it feels strange then you realise how far technology has come, you have a digital display in from you to show your speed alongside with your vehicle displaying as it drives on the roads detecting everything around it with its 360 sonar sensors.

Charging the Model S is as easy as plugging your mobile phone to a charger, it is a quick sprint for the first 50% of charge which takes about 20mins, the second 50% takes some time as it starts to slow down, with battery technologies improving I think it will only be a matter of time before we see an increase in range and a decrease in charge time.

Look out for the Tesla Model S face Lift, the Tesla Model X, and The Tesla Model 3.

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